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More About Me

   I've been teaching drum lessons out of my home studio in Round Rock, TX for about 15 years. A good number of my students are between 20-30 years old and perform weekends.

   I've been playing drum set over fifty years. I began playing at four years old, learning from my uncle Joe who kept his drums at our house in Queens, New York. At seven, I learned more from Frank Gigante, a big band drummer, and took more formal lessons at age eleven with Tony Monforte in Binghamton, New York. Tony was a great educator who taught me to read drum set notation and appreciate Jazz music.

   I studied with Charlie Persip for a bit, later I went to Berklee College of Music and studied with Alan Dawson. I play in a Jazz trio at eleven, went on the road my first time at fourteen, traveled with numerous bands more than I have time to mention, ran a recording studio in the mid-seventies, and continued to do session work into the eighties.

   I have written two drum set books dealing with mobility. I've focused on interdependence and the drum set as a musical instrument. I see interdependence as a "hitch in the git-along" when creating musical rhythm that interprets music accurately on drum set.

   Recently I've dabbled in creating drum set notation software, a sample version can be downloaded free at

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