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About Drummer Jeff Porcaro

   FM by Steely Dan

   Jeff Porcaro on drums

   Jeff Porcaro suffered a heart attack and died on August 5, 1992. He was using a pesticide in his yard which triggered an allergic reaction. An autopsy revealed a serious heart condition that had been previously undiagnosed.

   Jeff was born on April 1, 1954 in Hartford, Connecticut, and first got interested in drumming through his father. He began playing seriously at age seven.

   A partial list of artists he played with includes Bonnie Raitt, The Bee Gees, Jackson Browne, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, Joe Cocker, Manhattan Transfer, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Peter Frampton, America, Stanley Clarke, Toto, and Steely Dan.

   Jeff gave up a $1500/week gig playing with Sonny and Cher to play with Steely Dan for $400/week. The music Jeff performed with Steely Dan was his favorite and considering the list of bands he performed with, it's a high compliment.

   After the success of AJA, Steely Dan founders Becker and Fagan were asked to contribute the title track for the movie FM. The movie was one of the year's worst box office disasters, but the sond was another hit, barely missing out on the Top 20.

   Check out the Tools page for a transcription of FM by Steely Dan.

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