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Nic's Blog #7

   1.Try to figure out exactly what someone else did on a performance but never play what they played outside of your practice studio.

   2.Don't just plagiarize, after you've learned what someone has showed you, take it farther than they did.

   3.Never continue to play with another musician that is constantly dictating what you should play. (I have zero tolerance for this.)

   4.Always be an equal participant, if you're not able to be then you need to work on your talent some more.

   5.If someone feels it's necessary to scold you for any reason, always pack up and go home. (This is most effective when you don't ever return.)

   6.Always show up about five minutes earlier than necessary. (This should include ample time for setting up.)

   7.Ask questions that challenge anyone you're learning from.

   8.Never follow my rules or anyone else's rules to the letter.

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