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Nic's Blog #8
Percussion Ensemble

   The Austin American Statesman had an article about a local musician gathering audience via Facebook and MySpace for his classical music percussion concerts. I've gone to a few recitals here at UT and they are always educational. Granted some of it "sounds like drumline" but the creativity and technique is always astounding. It's like watching four people with drums all over the stage covering a Terry Bozzio composition, heavy stuff...

   There is always plenty of polyrhythm and time signature stuff going on and if you can't find some ideas to steal at one of these concerts you're not listening or you've got your ear plugs pushed in too deep.

   Local composer Graham Reynolds premiered a piece called "Whale Drum" and got up and played on the Steinway, imagine that - a drummer that writes musical compositions and plays the piano.

   One percussionist played a flowerpot hanging upside down with mallets, I guess you bring your mallets and mounting gear to John Dromgoul's organic garden center to pick out the proper pot to use. "Anyhow's" would include my puzzlement about (how?) Kieth Carloch got so great at such an early age (have you seen his Youtube version of Aja?) I believe he did this type of percussion study after being brought up in the swampy/gumbo area of the country. Fuzing jut that, swampy gumbo percussion and jazz studies with Ed Soph...maybe just that can help you get your fulcrum wrapped around (how?).

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