'The Pulse Of Jazz'
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Nic Marcy is a world-class educator with a deep passion for the art of drumming and the art of teaching. His decades-long track record with hundreds of private students speaks for itself, and his book The Pulse of Jazz is a fresh and welcome additional to the educational literature on jazz drumset. Always pushing himself as both a player and educator, Nic is an inspiration. I'm proud to call him a friend and colleague.

- Joe Bergamini

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5 stars, "Love It"
August 14, 2014 - Published on Amazon.com
Be careful if you buy this book. It may change the way you think and play. It did for me. Among other things, after 20 years of playing I am using my left foot in a creative way now instead of just smacking it down on two and four. I seem to buy drum books, work through about a quarter of them and then loose interest. Not so with this one. There are lots of new concepts throughout. Great for early intermediate to advanced. Love it.

- David M Pokora

5 stars, "Unique book"
Feb. 1, 2014 - Published on Amazon.com

"Author Nic Marcy does a great job on pacing an approach to working on jazz in a non-typical fashion. He keeps it interesting with a variety of hands-on concepts. This is not a complete beginner book but is fabulous of intermediate and advanced players looking for VOCABULARY! I don't see why this book shouldn't become a regular among the usual suspects for drum jazz books! Well done!!!"

- John Kerr

5 stars, "Get It On With A Real Time Saver"
Nov. 18, 2013 - Published on Amazon.com

"The best thing about this book is that it doesn't waste your time. Lots of cool pictures too. After a couple of introductory words, Nic gets right into it. As drummers, we can read music of course. But who wants to spend all their time reading when you can be trying out new things with the kit or jamming with your friends? The problem is that we tend to fall into a rut, playing what is comfortable and familiar. Not always the best way to get gigs when tastes (or venues) change!

Great for beginner or working drummer. I picked up this book, started flipping pages, and before I realized it I was already starting to "air-drum" some of the phrasing. Want to add some spice to your groove? Want to pick up a riff idea or two? Want to appreciate what a little jazz time can do for your health? Get a copy! Shoot, it's cheaper and more useful than just wearing out drumsticks."